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Real Talk in the Church

26 Jan

This coming Sunday I will be kicking off a new sermon series entitled Realationships, real talk about relationships.  Growing up in the church I quickly learned that many of the issues that were talked about in non church settings were too taboo to talk about in the church.  Unfortunately this mindset created an unhealthy disconnect from society making the church irrelevant to those who lived most of their lives outside of it’s four walls.  Topics such as sex, extramarital affairs, and homosexuality were deemed inappropriate to be discussed from the pulpit, so preachers shied away from addressing the issues that were really affecting peoples lives.

Many pastors would only address those issues in a counseling setting behind closed doors.  The problem with that approach is that most people are not willing to allow a pastor to speak into their lives in a counseling setting without that pastor first gaining their trust through the pulpit.  To further widen the disconnect I’m speaking of, most individuals would feel that discussing those issues with the pastor would open them up to judgement and harsh criticism.  This is why I don’t shy away from such topics at Freedom Life Church.  I believe that if people are dealing with these issues in their lives, God’s Word has a lot to say about it.  And the church should be the safest place for people to come and find solutions to life’s most difficult issues.  At Freedom Life we strive to create a culture where people can talk about their issues in a judgement free zone.  We truly believe Jesus is the Hope of the world, regardless of what you’ve been through or what you have done.  That’s as real as it gets for me!