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8 Oct

As a leader, like most leaders, I love a great one liner.  Particularly those one liners that really make you think, unlike most of the cliches that we hear from America’s pulpits on Sunday mornings.  I’m talking about the kind of one liners that you can shape core values in life around.  One that I recently heard that’s stuck with me is, “live a life of margin, so that you can live a life on mission.”  This statement has impacted me so much that we are incorporating it into the teaching of Freedom Life’s core values on Generosity.

I know that many of us have made the statement, if I only had more money, time, or other resource, I would be able to do more for God’s Kingdom.  In making this statement we are making a confession of how little margin we live with in life, and how it limits our ability to take advantage of God sized opportunities when they come our way.  Creating margin in our finances, and time management can go a long way to fulfilling our destinies.  As I reflect on this statement I find myself asking, what can I give up to save a little more money each month?  Or, how can I better manage my time to pursue other opportunities?  To answer these questions I must take a close look at my priorities, and evaluate the areas that I can control in my life.  A great resource that I have recently picked up to help me in this area is Andy Stanley’s book, How To Be Rich.  In this book, Andy teaches on what it means to live a life of generosity, starting with what you have rather than waiting until you have what you think you need to live a life on mission.  In order to create margin in your life you have to understand that it’s not about what you have, it’s about what you do with what you have that makes the difference.