Changing Church Culture

5 Apr

    I heard a quote today that said, “culture always trumps vision.”  In other words the culture of an organization will always determine the success or failure of implementing that organization’s vision.  You can have all the vision in the world, but if the culture of your organization or church does not create an environment for that vision to prosper than, your work is in vain.  I think this is what Solomon experienced when he wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes.  This is one of the driving factors behind burnout in Church leadership.  So many leaders are pregnant with a vision, but are trying to deliver that vision in an environment that is not safe for delivery. 

     I thank God that He is giving us the type of leaders at Freedom Life Church that understand how to serve and protect the vision God has given us.  I have spent many years of ministry trying to implement a vision in churches that do not have a culture that’s able to deliver that vision and raise it to maturity. But as we launched Freedom Life Church last weekend, we saw our vision come to life.  I saw parking lot attendants escorting new families to check their children in to Freedom Kids, and ushers seating people on the front row after all the other rows were full.  It was evident in the praise team members that arrived two hours before service to prepare an atmosphere for God’s Presence to move, and in the Elders that prayed with those that made a decision to accept Christ.  It was a culture of producers, rather than a culture of consumers.  It was a culture that caused leaders to search for solutions rather than point out problems.  It was a culture that’s contagious and life giving.  It is the culture of Freedom Life Church.


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